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Updated: Oct 18

Your role in the company:


How would you describe your company?

Helping startups, SMEs & eCommerce businesses with branding, digital marketing, web & mobile app design and development.

Why do you like working with startups?

We love the process of building digital products and understand the pain points of the market and find solutions for those pain points. Also, we love to work with companies making a positive impact into the world.

How do you/your company help startups?

We help on UI/UX Design, software development, branding and digital marketing assigning an specific talent in one of those areas (Team Augmentation) or as full product development team.

What makes you different from other tech vendors?

Each team member of our company is allocated to 1 or 2 products at a time. This makes a huge difference on quality of the deliverables and focus to achieve the goal of the customers' products and having happy users. Therefore our ideal customer has one or more allocated team members working with him between 80 - 160 hours / month - to guarantee success in the process of product design & development - and being present as design & tech partner where the relationship can grow in the long term.

Which Nordic startups have you worked with?

Listfully, TotalCtrl, - and advice several startups in the Founder Institute Oslo.

Based on your experience, which mistakes do startups make when it comes to tech development or / and tech outsourcing?

1) Not having on-boarded a person with knowledge in Software Development and/or Digital Product Design.

2) Thinking that the Minimum Viable Product - or first release of a digital product is the end. It's just the beginning to test hypothesis and iterate the product till achieving product-market fit as first milestone.

Do you have a general advice for startups, business or team related for example?

First, make sure you understand the market you are going to build a solution for and talk with your potential customers to understand their pain points - before prototyping a solution or writing line of code. Make sure their problems are really painful and they need a solution urgently - so your product can fix the problems.

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