What to do about your competitors?

Updated: May 12

"My competitor just launched a new service; my competitor just raised money; my competitor did this, my competitor did that..."

I often hear concerns from entrepreneurs I mentor, when it comes to their competitors.

My advice to them is:

⭐ It’s good to know what your competitors do, it’s much better to focus on YOUR business.

Focus on serving and listening to your clients, they are the ones you should spend time on. They will tell you what they need, how you can improve your services, how you can keep them happy, how to get new clients and so on.

⭐ Competing and comparing yourself can actually take you away from your vision and your uniqueness. Again focus on growing YOUR business.

⭐ Having competitors is not a bad thing at all. Competition helps educate and create a market.

⭐ You will most likely always have competitors. So what are you gonna do? Focus on growing your business.

🔥 Finally, there are REALLY enough people to serve on this planet. Focus on serving them well.

So don't worry about your competitors - stay focused. There is enough for everyone.

Raja Skogland, Founder at THEIA- Your B2B network.

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